About us

We hope that this site will give you the information that you need regarding our business including all days, playing times, and any specials that we may be offering. Our hall is owned and operated by non-profit organizations that distribute a large percentage of the money that they make playing bingo back into the community. We have 4 charities sponsoring bingo at B12 Bingo. They are Job Training Institute, Northwest Sertoma Club,  license # 1237055464,  Knights of Columbus #8156, license #1742260996, and Aids Care and Assistance, DBA Rights Of  Passage, license #17424742751.

During 2010, our charities paid out more than 4.5 Million dollars in prizes.  They also put more that $880,000.00 back into the community in charitable distributions.  If things continue the way they are going, we will exceed those figures during 2011

It is our philosophy that we should provide a fun, exciting and entertaining evening for our bingo patrons.  Our prices are set low enough that virtually anyone on any budget would be able to play, as long as they are at least 18 years old (our minimum age). Prices start at $5 per session. We do not have "optional games" or "specials".  You have a card for every game we will play in that session.

So come on out and play bingo at B12 in Austin, Texas.